Authentic Montessori Learning

Authentic materials

We only use authentic and well-crafted Montessori materials – adapted to our bilingual learning environment, to support the optimal and healthful development of the body, mind, and spirit of our students.

These materials are beautiful, purposeful, realistic and concrete.

They are designed to be self-correcting so children can take charge and choose the path of their own learning.

Self-directed learning

They are designed and sequenced to provide our students with experiences that are perfectly adapted to their current developmental stages.

When children enter one of our Primary Houses they begin with the simpler activities and progress to more challenging materials and activities at their own pace under the observation and guidance of our wonderful teachers.

Hands-on approach to learning

These materials provide for a hands-on approach to learning, extensively covering the subject areas of

language, math, geography, culture, and science.

They are also perfectly designed to lay a very strong foundation that prepares our students for later academic tasks and life complex demands.