Daily Life and Routines

As a member of a classroom community that includes a range of ages, children work both independently and in small groups. Often older children serve as mentors, setting an example and giving lessons to younger members of the community. This environment provides children a special opportunity to develop compassion, leadership skills and an attitude of service as they grow and learn.


All our educational programs are five days per week, Monday through Friday.

Our low student to teacher ratio in both programs ensures that all children receive the guidance they need to fully reach their individual potential.

We also offer before and after-school enrichment programs, as well as a summer camp, to help parents whose workday extends beyond school hours.

L'Enfant Montessori School offers a three-year primary program called "Children's House" for children 2½ to 6 years.

Children's House carries children through their kindergarten year, promoting them into the first grade of the elementary program as confident and bilingual learners.

Lunch time

All classrooms strive to be PEANUT AND TREE NUT FREE.

Lunch time is an important social learning experience for children and we use lunch time to reinforce the importance of Grace and Courtesy. Children are encouraged to actively participate in lunch time preparations and socialize appropriately as they enjoy their meal.

Children can either bring a lunch prepared at home or choose to sign up for our catering option.

We encourage healthy choices for lunch. Please try to pack your child’s lunch in reusable containers or wax paper bags.

We recycle plastic and glass in the classrooms to encourage our children to care of our environment by reusing and recycling. This participates in our Go Green initiative.

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