Parents are a very important part of our learning community.

Building bridges between school, home and community.

We consider the families of our students and the communities around our school are essential partners of our programs.

Our school was built by a group of parents who wanted to build a better school for their children - a school with deep root in the community around it that would give its students the tools to become successful and active citizens of a globalized world.

Therefore, we see our school as a connected system where the relationships between children, parents and the community are reciprocal and essential.


To facilitate communication and collaboration, our school management system provides our family with access to all relevant information about our Primary Houses programs, events, schedules and much more.

All our team is available to answer any questions that your family may have, to follow up on suggestions and to meet the needs of our school community as a whole.


We believe that parents are children’s first teacher and we aim to create open collaboration relationships with all our families.

We see family involvement as vital to our students' emotional growth and a wonderful tool for optimal learning.

We are committed to build relationships of trust and mutual respect with our students’ parents and share your goal of providing the very best care and education for your children and our students.