Parent Classes and Resources

Classes for parents

So parents can support at home their children learning of the French language, we encourage parents to join one of the French classes for adults that take place on Saturdays – organized by My French Classes.

These classes are organized by French levels and parents from beginner to advanced in French are encouraged to join.

Parents workshops

At L’Enfant, we believe that teaching children effectively requires close collaboration between parents, teachers, and administration.

Each year, we present parent education workshops and discussions to help parents with the various developmental stages and challenges that arise when parenting bilingual children.

Topics vary and are tailored to parents of children within different age groups while complementing Montessori philosophy.

Book suggestions

Our school is committed to the development and dissemination of Montessori-related ideas and research about bilingual children.

The book list below is a collection of publications to consider to broaden your understanding of child development and education.

Montessori Education

The Absorbent Mind: A Classic in Education and Child Development for Educators and Parents

by Maria Montessori

Written by the women whose name is synonymous worldwide with child development theory, The Absorbent Mind takes its title from the phrase that the inspired Italian doctor coined to characterize the child's most crucial developmental stage: the first six years.

Montessori Play And Learn: A Parent's Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six

by Leslie Britton

Montessori Play and Learn is packed with ideas, activities, and games that can fit into your normal routine and help supplement preschool learning for your child. For planning your home, introducing your child to the supermarket or the neighborhood, and helping him discover other people and cultures, this book provides valuable tips and insights that help parents and children grow and learn together.

Understanding Montessori: A Guide for Parents

by Maren Schmidt

The how's and why's of Montessori education.

Montessori: A Modern Approach

by Paula Polk Lillard

What is the Montessori method? Are its revolutionary ideas about early childhood education relevant to today's world? And most important, especially for today's dual-career couples. Is a Montessori education right for my child?


The Bilingual Edge: Why, When, and How to Teach Your Child a Second Language

by Kendall King , Alison Mackey

The authors wade through the hype and provide clear insights into what actually works.

Be Bilingual - Practical Ideas for Multilingual Families

by Annika Bourgogne

Be Bilingual is full of practical, creative, and fun ideas backed up by the latest research. It shows families how to make multilingualism work in their busy lives.

Become a Bilingual Family: The Best Method for Raising Bilingual Children, Even if You Only Speak One Language

by Daniela Perieda

Tips on strengthening your relationship with your child because relationships are the foundation for second language acquisition

Maximize Your Child's Bilingual Ability: Ideas and inspiration for even greater success and joy raising bilingual kids

by Adam Beck

The author shares the best of his personal experience as an educator and parent, offering a wealth of actionable advice in this practical and comprehensive road map to greater success and joy raising bilingual and multilingual kids.