Before- and After-Care

Our before and after-care programs

Our school supports working families by providing before-care and after-care to extend the day. These programs allow for freedom of choice for activities and are geared to the ages and interests of the children participating.

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Before-Care: 8am to 8:30am

Students gently begin their day indoor with free play, manipulative activities, art, songs, and stories.

They enjoy special activities too - such as knitting and woodworking.

They are also encouraged to help set up the classroom for the day.

After-care:3:30pm to 6pm

A unique complementary program to our Montessori Curriculum

To complement our bilingual Montessori curriculum, we offer a special afternoon program that focuses on long term projects and leads to the creation by our community of students of complex, beautiful and meaningful works of art.

The after-care teachers partner with the children to decide on the long-term art projects they will focus on and then engage as a group in a reflective self-discovery learning and creative process.

During this special period, small group interaction is encouraged, and teachers strive to provoke children’s thoughts and interests by asking open-ending questions, encouraging conversations between the children and displaying materials that extend their thinking.

Through the art which emerges from the children’s interests and conversations, students dialogue with their ideas and communicate with us in a different and profound way.

This program encourages students to see the world differently and to express what they are learning through an artistic language (drawing, painting, building, sculpture, dramatic play, music, collage, to name a few).

Children become then active authors of their own development and understand that they can represent their ideas and feelings symbolically through many different means.