Special Experiences

Continent Study & Cultural Sharing

Each year our Primary Houses focus on one continent to study in detail—geography, ecology, maps, countries and cultural traditions. This type of focused and sustained project helps children explore both similarities and differences of cultures other than their own. The study culminates with a Cultural Sharing Day during which children present reports, maps and projects they have created for their parents, peers and other students from other Houses.


Artist in Residence Week

Each year, children participate in an artist-in-residence program, which is based on the cultural traditions of the continent they are studying that year. Students spend time working with the artist(s), learning stories, songs and dances particular to that culture. At the end of the week, they present a performance for other students and for parents.


Drama and imaginary stories

Each Primary House spends time working on music and drama performance. They learn lines, practice moving on the stage and make props and costumes as they prepare an informal performance for parents and their peers. This is a fun, relaxed introduction to drama, preparing them for plays they will do later in their school life.


Outdoor Program

Meeting every other week, our Outdoor Program is an opportunity for students to explore the woods around our school, playing cooperative games and immersing themselves in the natural world. This outdoor program takes place all year—in all types of weather—so that children learn to enjoy the outdoors in all types of conditions. Research shows that unstructured, outdoor play is essential for the growth and development of the brain, body, and intellect.