My French Classes

L'Enfant Montessori is affiliated with My French Classes (Les classes du samedi), the French Saturday School for the Washington, DC metro area.


How L'Enfant Montessori came to life

L’Enfant Montessori School has been founded by a group of parents of the Washington DC region who wanted to provide their children with the best possible bilingual early childhood educational experience.

They had already built a very successful French Saturday school - My French Classes. This heritage language school aims to support French-speaking families of the DC region who want to maintain and increase the knowledge of French of their children enrolled in American schools.

To strengthen further the Francophone community, in 2018, the idea came to expand the Saturday program to a weekday school that would welcome young children of the neighborhood. This new school would focus on offering:

  • a full language immersion curriculum so its students become bilingual in English and French, and
  • a beautiful learning environment inspired by the Montessori philosophy that would foster each child’s love of learning.

This project came to life in 2019 thanks to the support of our wonderful dedicated team and community of parents.



Les classes du samedi