How do you teach students of different ages in the same class together?

A mixed-age classroom has strong benefits both socially and academically. As members of a multi-age community—one that more closely resembles the “real world” than traditional classrooms—students are continually honing their social skills as they find themselves negotiating their different roles throughout the day.

They are expected to serve as role models for their younger peers as much as they are encouraged to aspire to the next level.

Older students take pride in mentoring younger students and look forward to following in the footsteps of older peers.

Academically, our multi-age classrooms allow students to progress at their own pace without having to worry where they rank amongst peers—classmates are always working on different skills.

Not only does this foster their self-confidence and motivation, but it also bolsters the idea of seeing the “whole picture” by knowing what comes next.