Welcome to L'Enfant Montessori School!



L’Enfant Montessori School is an independent, co-ed, non-profit Montessori and bilingual school.

It is a member of the American Montessori Society

A Unique Montessori & Bilingual Environment

L’Enfant Montessori School was established by a group of educators and parents of the Washington DC region with a long experience in Montessori education and language learning in a full immersion setting.

Our goal is to offer families that join us an emotionally secure, peaceful, nurturing and academically excellent environment for their children.

Our bilingual and Montessori curriculum guides our students joyful learning quest so they reach their intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional potential within an inclusive and nurturing learning community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide every child who joins L'Enfant Montessori with a bilingual living and learning Montessori experience that

  • nurtures natural curiosity,
  • focuses on the uniqueness of each child,
  • promotes intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth, and
  • help develop independence, a love of learning, and respect for all in a peaceful world.

Our Colors

Navy Blue, White and Orange

Our Motto

"Nemo nostrum scit, nisi qui discit."

Nobody among us knows, except the one who learns.

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